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Listing & Reputation Manager

Our Listing and Reputation Management feature keeps your critical business data accurate across the top websites which will increase the visibility of your online presence and boost your SEO. It also allows you to easily track your online reputation across the most important websites where people are rating and reviewing your business online. This feature is included in the Premium and Enterprise subscriptions. You can, however, add it as an add-on to your Growth or Basic subscriptions. 

Benefits of Listing and Reputation Management:

  1. Get Discovered: We get you placed on sites that collectively get hundreds of millions of monthly visitors. We ensure you have a complete profile on Google, Facebook, and dozens of other places where people may search for you. If you don’t have a profile on these sites, we create it for you.

  2. Accurate Data: Your address, phone number, working hours, photos, service menus, and other data are kept continuously up-to-date. Change it once on MyTime and it will be updated everywhere! This helps you stand out and improves your Search Engine Optimization.

  3. Save Time: Save hours of time creating new accounts and then updating them when things change. Spend the time with your customers, growing your business, instead!

  4. Analyze Performance: Track ratings and reviews over time to identify trends and patterns by business location. Filter by date, location, review site, or star rating. 

  5. Customizable Alerts: Set up email and text message alerts for location staff so your team can respond directly to customer issues.
  6. Use negative feedback to improve your business before it becomes a problem.
  7. Get notified via email every time a new review is left.

Please note: Uberall gets updated with whatever information is changed on MyTime. If you want to change the description, location address, working hours, Facebook URL, this must be done on the Business Setup > Business Profile page in MyTime. If the information is updated directly in Uberall, it will revert to what is in MyTime.

In this article, we will look at how to navigate the Listing and Reputation Management feature. You’ll learn how to:


To get started, let’s take a look at your dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overview of your location's performance.

  • To access the Listing and Reputation Management interface, go to Marketing then select Listing and Reputation Manager.
  • Once selected, you will be redirected to the Uberall platform. The first page is your dashboard. Here you will see an overview of the performance of your locations.  22bc292a-2762-4098-a171-09dc36aa71a7.png
  1. Each widget displays data for all your locations. This allows you to have in-depth information on the performance of your online postings. Each time the data is updated, it will be reflected on the widgets.

  2. The navigation bar on the left allows you to switch between menu options. 

  3. Hovering over the "i" icon will provide detailed explanations of each widget.

  4. The upper right side displays announcements, settings, and the language selector.

  5. On the right-hand side, there is an activity feed where you will be able to see what happens to your profile.

  6. You can filter by address, location name, and location ID. You can also filter by a specific date range to get more specific data. If you’d like, you can download your data as an excel file for more in-depth analysis.

See below the information that is displayed in each widget.



Profile Completeness

Displays information about your profile completeness and what you can do to improve it.


Displays an overview of what is happening with your data.

Duplicates Overview

Overview of duplicate listings that have been detected and deleted.

Average Rating

Customer feedback including a star rating.

Reviews Reply Rate

Share of customer reviews which have been answered overall divided by rating.

Average Rating Activity

Average rating over time. “Total” value is the total number of reviews with a rating.

Reviews Analysis

List of top words mentioned in reviews.

Total - This value shows the total number of reviews with a rating that were analyzed.

Reviews % - Shows the percentage of reviews containing that word.

Rating - The average rating of reviews containing that word.

Feedback Activity

Customer Feedback over time. This graph shows all feedback including those without the star rating functionality.

Facebook Impressions

Number of Impressions of your Facebook content.

Facebook Clicks

Number of times people clicked on your FB Content.

Google Impressions

This section shows how many times your location was viewed in Google Search or Google Maps results.

Google Clicks

This section shows what customers did once they found your listing on Google. It gives the total of the following types of actions that customers took on your listing: request directions, call you or visit your website.

Google Photos

This graph shows the number of times photos have been viewed by Google users.

Google Queries

This section shows how many customers found you in:

Direct search - They searched for your business name or address.

Indirect search - They searched for a category, product or service that you offered and your listing appeared.

Branded search - Your location belongs to a chain, they searched for the parent chain and your listing appeared


Manage Locations

To access the location menu, select Locations from the navigation menu on the left-hand side.

  1. In the search filter, you can search by the location name, address, or identifier. Identifier refers to a unique code for every location. Without the location identifier, you will be unable to do a bulk edit.

  2. Count refers to the number of locations.

  3. If you would like to check which accounts are in sync or not, you can filter by the sync status. The statuses are:

    • Synced

    • Sync never started

    • Requires new sync

    • Requires review

  4. Location status filter allows you to view the status of each location.

    • Active - The location is being synced regularly and will automatically renew (if not canceled before the last day of the contract).

    • Closed - Location was marked as closed in Uberall by clicking on the Delete location from directories and platforms option. 

    • Canceled - Location will be inactive once the contract ends.

  5. Directory Connection Status refers to the status the account has with Google My Business and Facebook.

  6. You can view all the locations or the ones that you filtered either as a list or on a map, by selecting the "Map View" option.

  7. Start Sync button triggers the transmission of data to the directories.

To view more in-depth information on each location or to make edits, click on the specific location’s name. Edits should be made on MyTime on the Business Setup > Business Profile page. Please do not update the information on Uberall. If you do, it will be reverted with the information you have on MyTime. 


In the header, you will see the name of the location you are editing. This page separates the information into different tabs - Basic Data, Rich Data, Photos & Videos, and Suggestions.

Basic Info tab - This displays the general information for your business.

  • The mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

    • Business Name

    • Store Identifier - Allows the system to identify the correct location.

    • Address (Street Number, Street Name, Zip Code, Country)

    • Phone Number

    • Categories

  • There are other fields that are not mandatory but affect your profile completeness and online presence.

    • Website

    • E-Mail

    • Opening Hours

    • Keywords

    • Short Description -  This field is not necessary but is recommended since the directories have different requirements and they may not display both short descriptions and long descriptions.

    • Long Description - This will be the default for Google. The text limit is 750 characters, if you go above that it will be rejected by Google.

    • Photos and Logo

  • Labels are used to tag your locations internally and are useful for sorting purposes. The information will not be shared externally. You can add as many labels as you’d like.

  • In the bottom right corner you can do the following:

    • Mark the location as closed by using the Delete location from directories and platforms option.

    • Deactivate a location (no longer keep this location up to date online) by using the Deactivate option.


Your directory listings will be created once your profile is synched (the sync is done automatically if the auto-sync is activated in the “Profile” tab; if not, you have to click on the “Sync now” button), Uberall will start transmitting the information to all directories. Depending on the directory this might take a few moments or several days.

To see the sync status of all the directories, click on the Directories tab. Here you will see the list of all directories and each directory will have an icon next to it, which will indicate the sync status.


Based on the screenshot above:

  1. Facebook sync has not started due to missing information and your Facebook account not being connected.
  2. Foursquare sync is in progress.
  3. Instagram sync is completed and the listing is updated.

Rich Data tab - Displays social media profiles, attributes, payment options, brand, languages, and services. Some of these fields are not sent to Google because they don’t accept them, they are, however, sent to other websites such as Bing, Apple, and the smaller websites.

Google shows your:

  • Attributes

  • Services

Google does not show your:

  • Social Profiles

  • Payment Options

  • Brands

  • Languages

  1. Social Media Profiles - Here you can add the links to your social media profiles.

  2. Attributes - This field is only sent to Google My Business (GMB). Attributes help describe your business to customers. The more information you provide, the more new customers can learn about your business. Attributes vary according to the first category.

  3. Payment Options - What payment options are accepted at the location?

  4. Brand - Let your customers know what brands this location has to offer.

  5. Languages - Let your customers know in which languages they may be served at the location.

  6. Services - Inform your customers about services provided at the location.

Photos and Videos tab - Here you will be able to add photos and videos. You can drag and drop or add the files from your computer.

  • The landscape photos are the first photos your clients will see when they search for your business on Google and Facebook.

  • In the Video-URL field, you can add links for videos you can also add a description in the Video Description field.

  • You can upload as many videos as you’d like by clicking on + Add video.

Google shows your:

  • Logos (squared logo recommended)

  • Photos

    • Google automatically determines the order of the photos (regardless of the order in Uberall)

    • The most relevant photo is shown first (based on user clicks)

    • Preferred photos are high-res landscape photos without filters/photoshop

Google does not show your videos.

See below the photo requirements.






File size



jpeg, png (cannot have a transparent background)

minimum - 720 x 720 pixels
maximum - 5 MB

Squared Logo

jpeg, png

Squared-shaped, (e.g. 200x200 pixel)
max. 5 MB

Photos (general)

jpeg, png

minimum 480 x 480 pixels
maximum 5 MB
*Certain directories may limit the number of pictures that will be displayed.

Landscape Photo

jpeg, png

minimum 480 pixels high
maximum 5 MB

The only requirement for videos is that the URLs must be either from YouTube or Vimeo. Those are the only ones that are supported by Uberall.

Suggestions tab - This is a feature intended to help you to improve the completeness of your location's profile.

Uberall searches all directories to see if they can find values for the fields that you have not completed in the platform or that have received user's suggestions on main directories like Google. They will pull suggestion data with every sync check and you will have the options to: 

  • Replace the empty field/existing value in the field in Uberall with one of the options they suggested.
  • Input your own content and ignore the suggestion coming from other directories.

The directory where the suggestion is coming from will be displayed and you can filter the suggestions according to the directory. 

Monitor Reviews

We’ve looked at how to understand the dashboard and manage locations. Now let’s look at how to monitor your reviews.

Before we start there are some important things to note:

  • In order for reviews from Google and Facebook to show in Uberall, you must first connect your Google My Business (GMB) account and your Facebook page.

  • The frequency that Uberall gets customer reviews from websites is dependent on the type of review and the website. Reviews, Insights, Clicks, and Views on Google require up to three days to be shown on your dashboard.

  • Your reviews are arranged chronologically; the latest reviews will be displayed first.

To access your reviews, select the Customer Feedback option on the navigation menu on the left.


Here you will be able to respond directly to customer feedback, comments and questions left on various websites. To respond to a customer’s review simply:

  • Click on the review you want to respond to.

  • Write your answer in the text box.

  • You can preview the original message in the directory itself by clicking on "Show original". After you have written your answer, click on "Submit". Your reaction will appear in the respective directory.

  • On Google, it appears as "owner's reply", whilst on Facebook, the name of the company's website is given as the sender. You are also able to overwrite an old answer with the new one. Only the newest answer will be displayed.

At the top of the Customer Feedback page, there are various filters you can utilize.

  1. In the search filter, enter any word you want to search for.

  2. The date range filter allows you to filter by a specific date or time period.

  3. Rating filter allows you to filter by ratings, 1 - 5 stars.

  4. Label filter allows you to filter by any label you had created on the Locations tab.

  5. The status filter allows you to filter by the status of your reviews. You can filter by read, unread, replied, or the reviews you have not replied to.

  6. To export your reviews, click on the Export button.

  7. Based on the filters selected, you have the option to save those filters. Once saved, they will appear under Saved filters.

To set up email notifications, expand the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner and select Settings.


You will be given the option to set up email notifications for digest emails and new reviews.

Digest email is an email notification Uberall sends that contains a summary of what happened with your locations during a selected period of time. This can be sent weekly, monthly or quarterly. The information included in digest emails:

  • Profile Completeness

  • Sync-Status of the listings

  • Social Media performance (Impressions and Clicks)

  • Suggestions for better location management (next best actions to take)

  • List of directories where they currently list

  • Average Rating

  • Latest Reviews from clients (selection)



Publish Posts

To view existing posts or create a new one, select the Publish option on the navigation menu.

Important notes about posts:

  • The overview will show you your contributions sorted chronologically by publication date.

  • An edit can only be done within 24 hours after the initial post. Otherwise, the post will be considered outdated by the system and an update will be prevented.

  • Once you create a post, it can be deleted from Uberall but not from all the websites.

  • If you have a running offer on other websites it will block new posts you may have planned. The reason being, those websites can only show one post/offer at a time. You would need to either amend the timeframe of the offer (within 24 hours of the initial post) or wait until the offer has expired before posting to other websites again


To create a post, click on the Create New Post button.




1. There are 4 different types of posts that can be created on the Publish tab. The various types of posts are:

  • News - Available for Facebook, Google, and some of the smaller directories.
  • Offer - Available for Google and some of the smaller directories.
  • Questions and Answers - This is only available for Google.
  • COVID-19 - This is only available for Google. 

See the links below for information on the various posts:

Help article from Google on Posts
Help article from Google on Questions & Answers
Help article from Google on COVID-19 Posts
Help article from Facebook on posting offers

2. If you have multiple locations, you can select the specific location to create content.

3. You can decide which site your content should be posted on.

4. Next, you can write a title.

5. In the Content field, write the text of your post. To upload an image, click on the small camera icon.

6. You can link the website where your customers should be directed in the link field.

7. Enter the date and time of the News publication (now or in the future). For Offers, you are required to provide the period for which the offer is valid.

Once you have entered the necessary information, you can go ahead and publish your post or save it as a template. Your published posts will be shown under the Previously Published section.



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