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SMS Usage Report

The SMS Usage report shows all the days within the time range for which SMS messages were sent. They are divided into Communicator, Text-to-Tip, and Marketing SMS.

Important things to note about this report:

  1. This report is not visible on parent accounts, only on child accounts.

  2. It is by account, not by location. The reason being clients can be associated with more than one location and many SMS are not location-specific (Communicator messages, overdue for the next appointment messages, happy birthday messages, etc).

  3. The report can be accessed from the My Account >My Plan tab or directly from the Reports tab. 

To access the report from the Reports tab:

  • Navigate to Dashboard

  • Select the Reports tab

  • Under the Company section, select the SMS Usage report


To access the report from the My Account tab:

  • Navigate to My Account 
  • Select My Plan





Once the report is opened, in the upper left you may filter by the date the SMS was sent and on the right, you can export the report as a CSV, PDF, or print version.  


Report Columns

Column Description


The date the SMS was sent.
Marketing SMS Number of Marketing SMS sent during the date range.
Marketing Details The title of the Marketing SMS template that was sent. Eg. Appointment Cancellation
Communicator SMS Number of Communicator SMS sent during the date range.
Tip SMS Number of Request for Text-to-Tip SMS sent during the date range.
Total SMS Total Marketing, Text-to-Tip and Communicator SMS sent during the date range.




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