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Applying a Gift Card Online

With MyTime gift cards purchased online on consumer app, booking widget or via POS can be used as payment for products, appointments and classes. In this article we will look at how to manually apply a gift card online. Before we begin, it is important to note that a gift card can be used for payment online even if you don't accept online payments for appointments.

Here are the steps your clients should take to apply a gift card to their online booking:

1. Go to your booking widget

2. Select a service / class. In this example, we will be booking an appointment. 6119878-302eed0571153cf408fa290bd519da2c.png

3. Select a time and proceed to checkout 6119883-1fac8cf8aff32236c90b200c66324e72.png

4. On the checkout page, enter the gift card code in the field below Payment Information and click the Apply button. 6119888-1fb01c8a54554158ba58ae3714ec481d__1_.png

5. The code will apply and will be shown on the right-hand side below the Sub-total. Next, select Complete Booking.


6. On the confirmation page, the gift card will be shown as the Payment Method. 


On the appointment modal on the schedule the appointment will be shown as paid and on the Gift Card Balance Report, the gift card balance will be reduced. 

Appointment Modal



Gift Card Balance Report


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