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Editing Prepaid Services

For prepaid appointments, MyTime places a hold on the client's card and authorizes the charge 2 hours after the appointment is completed. In the event you want to adjust the final amount (e.g., add new services, or tips) before the credit card transaction finalizes, you can edit prepaid tickets during this 2 hour window.

Prepaid tickets will show up on the date of service in the “Services” sidebar on the POS new ticket page, and under the Open Tickets report in POS. They can also be accessed from the appointment modal on the schedule and from the client’s profile.

Here is how it all works:

1. On the new ticket page all open prepaid tickets will show up on the date of the service in the “Services” sidebar. 


2. When selected, you will have the option to open the ticket (because it has pre-payment on it, we do not allow the appointment to be moved to the current ticket). Select "Yes"


3. Once opened, the ticket will behave like any other POS ticket with pre-payment on it (like print-and-settle-later).


4. Changes to the existing appointment (tips, add-ons), will be added to the existing pending credit card payment, but new items will become payable.

In the example below, I added an additional service valued at $50 to the ticket. This increased the amount that will be charged to the credit card to $80.


Now if you should add a product to the ticket, it will not be added to the existing pending credit card payment. You will have to take payment for the difference using the "Take Payment" button.


You will be directed to the payment screen where you can select the payment method the client wants to use to pay for the product. In this case, the balance is $10. Once you have selected the payment method, select the "Done" button.


5. So you have added your additional items and took payment for the difference. Now you can close the ticket if you'd like by doing the following:

  • Use the “Settle Payment” link to settle the credit card payment. Here you can choose to add a tip then and there.
  • Next select the "Close Ticket" button. Once the ticket is closed, it will not be processed any further like other prepaid online tickets 2 hours after the appointment. It will appear in the Closed Tickets report.


The ticket will also be accessible from the client profile or the appointment modal.



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