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Selling Electronic Gift Cards In-store via POS

Gift cards are available for purchase directly from the POS, allowing buyers to acquire them without immediately associating them with a recipient. This flexibility enables purchasers to retain the gift card until they choose to assign it to someone or use it for themselves. Gift cards without a designated recipient are stored on the purchaser's account, while those purchased and assigned to a recipient are stored on the recipient's account.

To ensure that gift cards without recipients are stored on the purchaser's profile, you should enable the "Display Unassigned Gift Cards On The Purchaser's Profile" setting


In this article, we will walk through the steps on how to sell a gift card to a client in-store via POS.

To get started:

1. Navigate to POS > New Ticket

2. Select Gift Card in the products tab IMG_0627.jpg

The gift card modal will appear.

3. Add the recipient, it can be an existing client or a new client

4. Enter the dollar value in the "Amount to Add" field

You can leave the Card # section blank, and MyTime will generate a code for the gift card automatically. Alternatively, you have the option to input your own code if you prefer


5. Save

6. The gift card will appear on the ticket, click on the Take Payment button IMG_0632.jpg

Once you've completed the payment and closed the transaction, the gift card's code and its value will be saved in the recipient's profile


The ticket for the purchased gift card will be displayed in the "past bookings & product purchases" section on the purchaser's account.


If a recipient wasn't added at the time of purchase, the gift card will be saved in the "Gift Cards" section on the purchaser's profile.

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com.

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