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Redeeming Gift Cards In-store via POS

When a client purchases a gift card online, the recipient will receive an email with all the gift card details. The gift card can be redeemed in multiple ways in-store. In this article, we will explore each option.


To redeem in-store the staff member can:

  • Scan the gift card QR code using a barcode scanner in POS
  • Manually enter the code in POS

Here are the steps:

  1. Ensure the client has the email with the GC information on hand or a printed copy of the gift card (If the code will be scanned) otherwise, they can just tell you the code or you can look it up on the Gift Card Balance report.
  2. In POS, add the service or product to the client's ticket. In this example, we added a microdermabrasion service valued at $50 for Janelle Williamson.  7912490-3c24acb80af79f57c3f129d1df5b4efb.png
  3. Next, select the "Take Payment" button
  4. On the payment screen, you can select "scan" next to the Gift Card option to scan the QR code using your barcode scanner or you can manually enter the GC number and then select the “apply” link.  7954553-3793840e0a5055d2489a74d825109113.png
  5. The gift card will be successfully applied to the ticket
  6. You can then close the ticket 7955126-038b4e83411ffc29040dc6f6f314aaab.png



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