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Redeem Gift Cards

When a client purchases a gift card online, the recipient will receive an email with all the details of the gift card. They can add the card to their MyTime account, so it will be applied automatically or enter the code at checkout when booking an appointment. 

  • To redeem the gift card, the client should select the Redeem link or button in the email.

  • They  will be prompted to sign into their MyTime user account. If they don’t have one they can create one.
  • Once signed in, they will be given two options Book An Appointment and Add To My Account.

  • If they choose the option to add the card to their account, they will be redirected to their account. They can then select their name in the upper right-hand corner, then select My Account.

  • Scroll down to the Gift Card section below Payment Method. The gift card will be shown there as well as the option to book an appointment. 
  • If they choose the option to Book An Appointment, they will be redirected to your booking widget where they can proceed to book an appointment. The gift card will automatically apply on the checkout page.




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