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Processing Time for Services

In MyTime, processing time refers to any free time during an appointment. This is where the client is waiting, but you are not actively working on them. Scheduler recognizes this time as bookable.

Important things to note about processing times and how they are displayed on the schedule:

  • Processing times with resources attached will use the default color if color-coding by staff is enabled. 

  • Processing times without any resources will be shown as a gap (or completely open in the case of processing at the start or end of an appointment).

  • Processing times with a resource will be displayed as a solid block (no stripes) for blocked resources and a gap for staff columns on day view.

  • In order to make it easier to view the availability of staff members on the schedule this will be consistent across all views (day, agenda, week, month), all platforms, and on accounts with multi-staff enabled and disabled. 

  • In all views, sequential segments of an appointment in a calendar column are combined into a single event tile. Sequential means the end time of one segment equals the start time of the next.

You can set different processing times for different services. To set up the processing time for service:

1. Navigate to Business Setup > Services Menu


2. Click on edit next to the appropriate service. In this example, we will be editing the Mud Facial service.


3. Next hit the Advanced button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 


4. Next click on +Add time and then select the Processing Time option. The processing time can be at the beginning of the service, the middle, or at the end of the service.


You can also assign a resource to the processing time by using the Add Resource link. A resource is any item necessary for a service that must be booked in conjunction with that service. For example, a room is a resource if a service requires a room.  

5. Once you are satisfied, remember to save your changes! 

Now let's look at how processing time is shown on your schedule.

Processing Times Without Resources


Processing Times With Resources


If you are using processing times at the start or end of a service, it is recommended that you assign a resource to those processing times to ensure they are shown as blocking off calendar times. 


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