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New/Existing Client Filter on Membership Roster Report

The Membership Roster Report shows a list of all your clients' memberships. The member filter allows you to filter by: 

  • All Members

  • New Members

  • Existing Members


Definition of New Member: This is the first billing period in which they were a member.

Please see below information on the data that will appear when you filter by each member type.

  • When you filter by New Members:

    • Clients with memberships that were paid for upfront will appear as they have no other charge after the upfront payment.

    • Clients with memberships purchased from today on will be new when All Time is selected in the date filter in the report.

    • Clients will appear as NEW when filtering by other dates before the charge and NEW when filtering by All Time.

  • Clients with one membership will appear when filtering by dates before the first monthly membership charge and when filtering by All Time.

  • If a client has two memberships, the first one will be shown when you filter by New Member, while the second membership will show when you filter by Existing Member.

When you filter by Existing Members:

  • After the first membership charge (custom charge / changing charge date), the membership will appear under existing when filtering by the date when it was charged.

  • Clients with suspended membership will be shown.

  • Clients with frozen memberships will be shown.


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