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Pay Your MyTime Subscription Fees by Bank Account Autopay

Starting March 1st, we’ll introduce a Credit Card Convenience Fee of 2.5% that will be added to all regular merchant charges (it will NOT be charged on custom/one-off fees) if a credit card is used to pay for your software license and email/SMS overages. Please note, this has no impact on POS credit card processing fees, which will remain unchanged.

As an alternative US merchants can avoid this surcharge by paying for your MyTime subscription and fees via ACH (autopay withdrawal via bank account). There are no surcharges when you use this payment method. Please note it can take up to 7 business days for your ACH to be active.


To set up your bank autopay, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to My Account



2. Under Payment Method, select the radio button for  Pay from Checking Account (no fee).


3. Next, click on the + Add Bank Account link.

4. Enter your bank account details.


5. Once you have added your bank account information, our e-commerce payment processor, Stripe, will make two small deposits to your account. 

6. After receiving the deposits, return to the Payment Methods section and enter the amounts for verification, and grant permission to MyTime to electronically debit your account with charges as needed.





If you had already verified your bank account and then switched to credit card payment, you can switch back to your checking account without going through the verification process again.

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