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Package Balances Report

The Package Balances report shows the remaining items in each active package. The report can be accessed by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Under the Clients section, select Package Balances report



When the report opens, you can filter by purchase date and location. Once you have selected your filters, click on the UPDATE button to generate the data you are looking for.



To view additional details for a client such as the item groups in the package and the item price etc, click on the arrow next to a specific date in the Purchase Date column.

In the screenshot below I can see additional details for Jude Smith. Based on the details shown, Jude used 3 items from group 1 and 2 from group 3. 


This information matches what is shown on the client profile. You can easily access the client's profile from the report by clicking on their name. You will be directed to their profile where you can check their package history.


To search for a specific client, simply enter the client's name in the client search field on the right, and then click on the "UPDATE" button. See an example below.




We also provide the ability to export the results to CSV, PDF, or print the results. This can be done by selecting the respective icons just below the client search field on the right.



Report Columns

Column  Description

Purchase Date

The date the client purchased the package or the date the package was added to the client's profile.
Client The name of the client who purchased the package.
Package Name The name of the package. When expanded it shows each item group in the package.
Item Price The price of each item in the group. 
Price Paid The amount the client paid for the package post discount.
Original Quantity The initial quantity of the items when the package was purchased.
Remaining Quantity The balance of the items remaining in the package.
Liability Remaining The revenue remaining for the items in the package.




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