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Ingenico 150 Connection Error

Ultimately there is an issue with the card reader connecting to the internet and we would advise you to contact your network administrator or whoever manages your internet network.


Please see the steps below for some things you can do to try and remedy the connection error. 

  1. Please start by rebooting the pin-pad. You can do this by holding the YELLOW KEY + # 
  2. Ethernet Connected Card Terminals (Lane/3000, Lane/7000, Lane/8000): Check all connections to the card reader especially the ethernet connection cable (example photo of ethernet cable). Can you trace the ethernet cable all the way back to the internet router? It is likely this became unplugged. If the ethernet cable is unplugged, plug it back in and retry a transaction. 
    1. Has anybody worked on your internet or any networking devices (security cameras, new internet service provider, network telephones, etc.) in the past 24 hours? If yes, it is likely they have disconnected the internet connection that runs to your card-reader. You will need to troubleshoot this on your own or consult with the technician who completed your installation. 
    2. Does your ethernet cable run into an ethernet switch (example photo of ethernet switch)? If yes, the switch could likely be the source of the problem.
      1. The switch could be bad and may need to be replaced. 
      2. The switch might not be an actual switch. You should NOT repurpose an old router or modem as a network switch. Please only use a dedicated network switch as a network switch. 
  3. WiFI Connected Card Terminals (Link/2500, Move/5000, Lane/7000 Deluxe, Lane/8000 Deluxe): 
    1. Ensure your card reader is connected to WiFI by clicking 2634 and looking in the top left of the screen. If the WiFI symbol is not green your reader is not connected to WiFi, follow step #7 here to delete your network and reconnect to wifi. If it is green it is connected. 
    2. In some rare cases, the wifi symbol in the above step may show green in color, but the card terminal will still not connect. If this is the case follow the step in the link above to delete all wifi networks from your card reader then re-pair your reader to your wifi network. 
  4. Do you have a firewall set up for your business? If yes please contact support@mytime.com and we can provide you or your network admin the configuration data you need which will allow for the card reader to work with your firewall. 
  5. Finally, power cycling your internet box AND the WiFi router can sometimes be a simple solution that resolves the 150 error. Simply unplug your wifi router and internet modem (sometimes these can be two separate devices other times the router/modem is one device), wait 20 seconds, and connect your modem/router back to power. 


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