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Elo Troubleshooting

The iPad connects to the Elo through the charging dock/port on the right-hand side. It also has communication via Bluetooth (Elo Plus uses Bluetooth Mini ONLY connects via charging dock).
A few steps to ensure these connections are live:
  • Make sure the iPad shows as charging. If it is not charging the dock on the right side is unplugged. Please plug this back in and make sure the screw in the dock is tightened all the way down. 
  • Make the iPad and Elo are connected via Bluetooth (Elo Plus only).  Navigate to your iPad Settings > Bluetooth > then make sure TSP143 (device name can vary but it should start with TSP) shows CONNECTED. If it shows not connected simply tap on the line item and it should connect. 
  • After the above steps are taken force close the MyTime app and re-open the MyTime App (see the attached video for instructions)? 
  • If the above steps do not work the last thing you can try is power off the iPad, unplug the Elo for 30 seconds. Then plug the Elo back in and power the iPad back on. 
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