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Elo Troubleshooting

On rare occasions, the Elo may become disconnected from the iPad. You will know when this happens if the peripherals like the barcode scanner, cash drawer, or printer become unresponsive. Fixing this is generally easy and only takes a few minutes to restore the connection. 
For the Elo PayPoint Mini, the iPad connects to the Elo through the charging dock on the right-hand side. The Elo PayPoint Plus combines the dock connection and also has communication to your iPad via Bluetooth. 
A quick way to tell if you have a Plus model or Mini model is by looking at your printer. If your printer has status lights, and small buttons next to the status lights (PWR, RST), you have the Plus model. If your printer has no status lights you have the Mini model. 
A few steps to restore the connection between your iPad and Elo PayPoint:
  • Make sure the iPad shows as charging and is connected to the Elo dock (Elo PayPoint Mini and Plus). If your iPad does not show as charging, the dock on the right side has likely become unplugged. Please plug this back in and make sure the screw in the dock is tightened all the way down (example image here). 
  • Make the iPad and Elo are connected via Bluetooth (Elo PayPoint Plus). The Elo PayPoint Plus talks to the printer and cashdrawer via a Bluetooth connection. Navigate to your iPad home screen > Settings > Bluetooth > ensure the TSP143 shows CONNECTED (device name can vary but it should start with TSP). If it shows not connected simply tap TSP143 to connect.
    • If it will not connect turn off Bluetooth > wait 10 seconds > turn Bluetooth back on > click TSP143 to attempt to connect again. 
    • If it still will not connect click the small lowercase i next to Not Connected > Click Forget this Device > then try and connect again (example image here). 
  • After the above steps are taken force close the MyTime app and re-open the MyTime App (see the attached video for instructions)? 
  • If the above steps do not work power off the iPad > unplug the Elo for 30 seconds > plug the Elo back in > finally, power the iPad on. 
  • Factory reset your printer (Elo PayPoint Plus). The final step you can take is doing a factory reset on your printer. Turn OFF the printer by either unplugging the Elo or pressing the PWR button on the printer > power the printer ON while holding down the reset (RST) button > only releasing the RST button after the printer makes 2 clicking reset noises (about 5-10 seconds). 
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