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Ingenico - Alert Interruption

The Alert Interruption message will display if the anti-tamper sensors have been activated on your card terminal. Typically this happens if the card reader has sustained physical damage (dropped from > than 4ft onto a hard surface), if someone has attempted to open the casing, if it has been cleaned improperly and sustained liquid damage,  if anything outside of a card was inserted into the chip/magstripe reader, and ultimately if there was any attempt to skim card data from the device. 

If the card terminal detects it is being tampered with, the anti-tamper feature will activate and the card terminal will cease operation. 

You can still process credit cards by using the key-in card feature or use a USB magstripe reader that can be purchased or picked up at any office supply store like Office Depot or Staples.

Please follow the below steps to remedy this:

  1. If the device is under warranty you have two options (warranty is a 1 year period) 
    1. You can contact Ingenico at customer.service@ingenico.com to obtain an RMA# and warranty the device. 
    2. You can utilize MyTime and our loaner card terminal program for $99. This will cover overnight shipment to your business containing a replacement card terminal > a return label for the disabled card reader > MyTime will obtain an RMA# from Ingenico on your behalf > return the card terminal as soon as it is repaired. 
  2. If the device is not under warranty you can purchase a new card reader.
    1. You can review your options at www.mytime.com/hardware and place the order from that page. 
    2. Contact processing@mytime.com and we can assist you with your purchase.
    3. You can contact Ingenico at customer.service@ingenico.com to obtain an RMA# and price quote to repair the device. MyTime is also happy to loan you a card terminal under these circumstances as well. 
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