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Gift Receipt

We offer the ability to print gift receipts for tickets which can be used to return products given as a gift. If the ticket does not contain products and/or misc items, then the option to 'Print Gift Receipt’ will not be shown.

Here is how this feature works:

  1. Go to POS > New Ticket
  2. Add a product or miscellaneous item to the ticket
  3. The ‘Print Gift Receipt’ link will appeargift_Receipt_shana.png
  4. When selected, a receipt will be printed displaying the relevant ticket information excluding the price, discount, payment information, and client name.bf8c8fab-4e5b-4424-baba-10429f92a9a7.png
  5. The gift recipient can then use the receipt to bring an item back to the store and exchange it for another product equivalent to the amount paid for the product (including taxes).

If you have any questions about this feature, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com  or (385) 233-6964.

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