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Changes to the way we aggregate data in our reports

We have made some important changes to the way we aggregate data in our reports and dashboards. This is a better and more accurate accounting of merchants' business performance. The changes made include the following:


1. When a ticket has multiple appointments for different staff members the revenue for each appointment will be attributed under the correct staff member’s name. Previously, on the Daily Revenue and Staff Productivity reports just to name a few, the total revenue on the ticket was attributed to only one staff member - the one assigned to the first appointment. Here is an example:

Mark, John and Kevin are brothers and they came in for haircuts valued at $10 each. Each person saw a different service provider but decided to check out all three appointments on the same ticket.  

  • Mark’s appointment was with Jennifer
  • John’s appointment was with Paul
  • Kevin’s appointment was with Ashley



Daily Revenue Report

When you filter by each staff member, the revenue for the services they performed will be displayed. The revenue for each person will be $10.







2. Item refunds will show up on the date the refund took place rather than on the original ticket date.  For example, if an item was purchased on November 13th but refunded on November 23rd, the summarized reports and business snapshot will now display the negative revenue on the 23rd rather than the 13th.

Ticket # DKMXHV12



Daily Revenue report - November 13th

On the Daily Revenue report when you filter by the original ticket date - November 13th, no refund is shown. This is because the refund did not take place on this date.



Daily Revenue report - November 23rd

As you can see in the screenshot below, the refunded revenue is shown on November 23rd, the date the refund was initiated.




3. The Prepaid column was removed from a few reports in favor of better reporting. The new aggregators store data at the item level. Some reports are for whole tickets (show data for service, product, class, etc) for example, the Daily Revenue report while other reports are only for specific item types. We removed the prepaid column from reports that worked at the item level and reported them on reports that are at the ticket level. The reason for this is due to cases when a ticket had items of different types (products, services, etc) and a mixture of voids, edits, and refunds where we couldn't say with confidence what payments should be applied to specific items. The reports affected are:

  • Bookings by Service
  • Product Sales Analysis
  • Product Sales Detail
  • Service Sales Detail


4. The Gift Card column was added to a few reports. This was done to more accurately record data. The reports affected are:

  • Sales Tax Collected

  • Sales Tax Exempt


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