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Redo Appointments

In the event, a client is unhappy with a service you can utilize the redo feature. There are a few important things to note about this feature:

  1. Clients are not charged for Redos. As such, revenue for redone appointments will be $0.
  2. The redo button will only appear on completed appointments.
  3. You can determine if staff commissions should be paid on both the original and the redo appointment or only the redo (if MyTime is tracking commissions).
  4. Although no revenue will be shown for the redone appointment in reports, the initial service revenue will be used to calculate the commission. 
  5. Individual services from the ‘redo appointment’ that do not need to be redone can be removed.

In this article we will look at the following:

Enabling the Redo feature

Activating the Redo feature is pretty easy, here are the step-by-step directions on how to enable and utilize the Redo feature:

  • Go to Business Setup > Settings and activate Allow Redo Appointments.
  • Once activated you can determine if staff members should receive service commissions on redos.
  • Save your changes



Scheduling Redo Appointments

Once you have enabled the Redo setting:

  • Go to your Schedule, and book an appointment. 
  • After the appointment is completed the redo button will appear. 

In this example, we booked an appointment for a Haircut service for $20 with Nathalee.


  • Click on the "Redo" button
  • A new appt modal will appear with the previous appointment details automatically populated.
    • Each service will have the redo badge next to it. 
    • If the appointment has multiple services, you can determine if all the services should be redone or just one. To remove a service, select the red x next to it.
    • You can also determine if the same staff member should perform the redo or someone else.

The original service was done by Nathalee but the redo will be done by Paul.


  • Once you have made the necessary adjustments you can go ahead and save the appointment.

When the appointment is completed and the ticket is closed, the data for the original and redone appointment can be seen in the reports. See below a few examples of how the data will be reflected in the reports.


Revenue and Commission for Redo Appointments in Reports 

Compensation Reports

On the Compensation report, the following will happen:

  • The redone appointment will have the word “Redo” in the service revenue column.
  • The Redo Adjustments column will show negative revenue for the original appointment.
  • The commission for the redone appointment will be calculated based on the initial service revenue. 
  • For the original appointment, the service revenue will be reflected but no commission will be shown in the commission column if "Should Original Staff Member Receive Service Commissions On Redos?" is disabled in settings. See examples in the screenshots below:
  1. Paul has the commission for services set to 20%.

  2. Initial service revenue is $20

  3. The commission will be 20% x $20 = $4


Default Compensation Report



Daily Compensation Report



Redo Appointment Report

This report will show the original staff who performed the service and the staff who performed the redo. No revenue will be shown since the client did not pay for the redo appointment. 



Daily Revenue Report

Both appointments will be shown in the report, however, the revenue for the redone appointment will be $0.



Staff Productivity Report

In the Staff Productivity report for Paul, the redone appointment will be shown but the revenue will be $0. Nathalee's report, on the other hand, will show the service revenue of $20.


Paul's Staff Productivity Report



Nathalee's Staff Productivity Report




Service Sales Detail Report

The redone appointment with Paul will be shown but the revenue will be $0. However, the original appointment with Nathalee will display the service revenue of $20.



If you have any questions about this feature, please contact our Support Team at support@mytime.com  or (888) 423-1944.

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