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Lane/7000 or Lane/8000: Connect to WiFi (Deluxe/WiFi models ONLY)

You can be up and running, ready to take card payments in under 5 minutes with the plug & play capabilities of MyTime Pay and the Lane/7000 or 8000 pin-pad. Follow the few short steps below to connect your card terminal to WiFi.

  1. On the pin-pad press 2634 (the screen will change. If it does not re-try step 1 until you see the new screen) 
  2. Press the F key (F key is below the number 7) 
  3. You can use your finger for input on the screen OR utilize the included stylus. 
  4. Select Tetra Admin
  5. Select 4-Configure Wi-Fi
  6. Select 2-Scan Networks 
  7. Click/Select your wireless network after the scan is complete. Enter the password using the alphanumeric keypad. *The keypad uses T9 entry. Pressing each key more than once cycles from numbers to lower case letters to upper case letters*
  8. Once you have entered your password press the green circle/enter key to complete this setup. 
  9. The device will confirm to connect, press the green button again on the pin-pad to confirm. 
  10. Press the red X 4-5 times to return to the home screen. 

You are now ready to take payments. The final step is to run a $00.01 test on your Lane/7000. If you get a 150 error when running a test transaction you have most likely entered the wrong WiFi password. You will need to follow steps 1-5 above, skip step 6 from above, and instead select 3-My Networks > select Delete All >  try connecting again with the correct password*

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