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Understanding tip calculations on the pin-pad

Below is an explanation of the values and calculations that are sent to the pin-pad when checking out a customer. The value that is sent to the terminal is reflecting the full cost of the service and the services only (no products), this is to encourage the patron to tip on the full value of the service, not the discounted value. 

  • First Screen - tipping screen.
    • On the tipping screen, the client will see the FULL price of their service. 
    • No discounts will be factored into the amount that is displayed on the card reader.
    • Again, the card reader will only display the full-service price on this tipping screen
  • Second Screen - insert swipe or tap.
    • On this screen, they will see the tip amount the selected and the total due.


In the example below, we use a $100 ticket > $50 discount > 30% is tipped via the pin-pad. 



First Screen - tipping screen


Second Screen - insert swipe or tap


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