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PCI validation guide

The below information will help you quicky validate your PCI status which will help you avoid unnecessary fees from card issuers. This task will take around 5-10 min. 


  1. You should have already received the below information from the MyTime team in an email with the subject MyTime Pay Setup. In case you missed that we will provide the same information on PCI validation below. 
  2. This process will need to be completed for each merchant account or location that you have.
  3. If you need assistance during the process, or have specific questions, please contact ControlScan at: 800-571-3928, or use the chat or email function found on the top right of the ControlScan portal. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM ET.
Along with emails from TSYS and from Cloud9, you'll also get an important one from ControlScan, about PCI compliance. In the email from ControlScan, there's a link to a quick questionnaire that you'll want to fill out. By doing so it will actually save you money and reduce or eliminate any surplus fees assessed by the card brands for not completing this quiz thus deeming your merchant account non-compliant. I'm attaching the guide that we created to make your PCI compliance a task that can be completed in around 5-10 min. 
Login information:
Username: Your 16-digit Merchant ID (seen above in TSYS section) 
Password: compliance101
Please wait at least 14 days from the receipt of this email to start your quiz. This will ensure your account has been created configured properly with ControlScan. Additionally, if you do not see "MyTime Retail POS" as an option in the section named "SELECT YOUR PROCESSING METHOD" (as seen on pg.2 in our attached PCI Compliance Guide) DO NOT continue with the quiz. Either wait 14 days if you have not done so already OR email processing@mytime.com informing us you do not have this option. We will need to reach out to Control Scan to properly configure your account.
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