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Commission on Appointments and Products in Package

Currently, a commission for items in a package can be calculated for products and appointments. The commission for classes will be implemented soon. Please note a few important things before we begin:

  1. When a package is used to cover an appointment or product, the revenue will be based on the price per item in each group. This means that revenue = price per group/quantity. As such, the commission will be calculated on that amount.  
  2. The commission calculated on appointments and products covered by a package is different from the commission for package purchases.  
  3. Each time your staff member performs a service or sells a product that is covered by a package, the commission will be calculated based on the commission structure set up on their profile.

Let’s look at an example:

Staff - Shan

Commission Structure:

  • 30 % commission on services

  • 50 % commission on products



Package - 30 Pack Deal

Items in Package:

  • Price per product - $10
  • Price per service - $20



Based on the settings above, when a client books an appointment or purchases a product that is covered by the 30 Pack package the employee will receive the following commission:

Service commission - $20 x 30% = $6

Product commission - $10 x 50 % = $5


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