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Products in Package

Once a client purchases a package that includes products, they can use the package to pay for a product via POS. See the steps below:

  • Go to POS > New Ticket page

  • Add client who purchased the package to the ticket 

  • Select a product from the Product tab (ensure the product is qualified to be paid for using a package)

When the product is added to the ticket, the Package label will appear in the price field. 


At the bottom, select Close Ticket. 


Once the ticket is closed, the package count on the client profile will decrease.

Package Balance on Client Profile

On the client's profile page you will be able to view their package balance as well as the history of their visits that are remaining for each product that's part of the package. To do this simply:

  • Open the client's profile that you want to view
  • Scroll down to the Packages Purchased section


  • Here you will see the date and time that the package was used to cover the product purchase.

  • To view the number of products remaining, click on the Edit Package button in the top right corner.


You can increase or decrease the number of products remaining if you'd like. There is an audit trail to record the changes. In this example, I decreased the number of products remaining from 9 to 3. See the screenshot below. 



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