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Elements of a Pre-Paid Closed Ticket



  1. This is the time the ticket was auto-closed. With pre-paid appointments, the ticket will automatically close about 3-4 hours after the end of the appointment time. 
  2. This is the appointment start time. You can see here when the appointment started or if the business utilizes the check-in/check-out it feature will utilize these times stamps instead of the appointment start time. 
  3. This is when the card payment was sent to your bank. If you have next-day funding and the appointment is before the cutoff time (5 PM PT | 8 PM ET) the batch date will show the same date the ticket was closed (in this case 9/2/2020). In contrast, if you have 2-day funding the batch information will generally show the next days date as your batch cutoff time for 2-day funding is midnight local time (in this case 9/3/2020). To learn more about next-day vs 2-day funding with MyTime Pay click here. 
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