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Reconciliation for Packages

The reconciliation process for packages occurs when the package was purchased at one franchise but used at another. This feature is only available for accounts that are on Global Database. If you are on Global Database and want to set up the reconciliation feature, follow the steps outlined here.

Reconciliation for packages is based on the source location's package item price x adjustment rate set on parent. Please note the following: 

  • Package item price refers to the price per item (price per group/quantity) in each group. 
  • The adjustment rate is the percentage of the service, product, or class value that should be transferred to the destination location from the source location.
  • Source Location is the location where the package was purchased.
  • Destination Location is the location where the package was redeemed/used.

Let's look at an example of how it all works:

Configuration on parent

% of price to transfer 

  • 5% of services
  • 30% of products
  • 20% of classes



Package setup for Franchise 1 - Location 1.1

Price per product  - $40

Price per service - $70

Price per class - $30



Package setup for Franchise 2 - Location 2.1

Price per service - $30

Price per product  - $40

Price per class - $50


If a client purchased a package at Franchise 1- Location 1.1 but used it to pay for a class, service, and product at Franchise 2 - Location 2.1, the following will happen:

  • The price for the service on the ticket is $0 since the service is included package.
  • The price for the product on the ticket is $0 since the product is included package. 
  • The price for the class on the ticket is $0 since the class is included package.

The percentage that will be transferred from location 1.1 to location 2.1 will be based on the package item price at location 1.1:

Service - 5 % x $70 =$3.5

Product - 30 % x $40 = $12

Class - 20 % x $30 = $6

Total to be transferred - $3.5 + $12 + $6 =$21.50


This information can be seen in the Reconciliation Detailed Report which can be accessed by going to Dashboard > Reports  > Reconciliation Detailed Report.


The system will debit location 1.1 account and credit location 2.1 account. 




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