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Appointments in Package

In this article, we will discuss appointments covered by a package.

Things to know:

  • A package is considered "used" if an appointment booked by the business has been marked as completed, or if a ticket has been generated, even if the ticket hasn't been closed. In these cases, MyTime effectively "reserves" the package item for the specific appointment.
  • For appointments booked online, package items are considered used once the ticket has been closed
  • When scheduling an appointment, the package icon, along with the number of item credits used and remaining in the package, will be visible. This information will also be displayed on the appointment modal and tile immediately after an appointment is scheduled
  • If a package is utilized to cover an appointment and subsequently the appointment is canceled, the credit will automatically be refunded to the package benefit
  • The package label will not be visible on appointment modals or in POS for packages that have been fully used or have expired
  • Package balances report shows the remaining items in each active package. For more information, please see here

Scheduling Appointments Covered by Packages

  1. Navigate to the Scheduler
  2. Filter by location
  3. Click on the ‘New Appointment’ button below the calendar on the left-hand side of the Schedule or on a specific time slot directly in the schedule 
  4. When the appointment modal opens:
    • You can search for an existing client using the search field or add a new client using the icon on the right-hand side
    • Add a duration, staff, and service 
  5.  Click "Save"
  6. Before clicking "Save" to confirm an appointment with an applicable service, the package is automatically applied. The appointment modal will show "Available in Package" beneath the service field, and the package name will appear below the client's name. This information will remain in the same locations once the appointment is booked               Package in appointment.jpgappointment in package.jpg
After the ticket is closed or the appointment time has passed, the label on the appointment modal will be updated to "Package Used", and the package count will be shown with the package icon appearing on the appointment modal and appointment tile when viewing the schedule.
  • Appointment Modal:complete package.jpg
  • Appointment Tile: Appointment title.jpg

Viewing the Appointment Ticket on Pos

The price for the service on the ticket will be $0, since the service was covered by the package.
Package a.jpg

Package Balance on Client Profile

On the client's profile page, you can access their package balance and view their visit history for each service included in the package. To view this information, simply:

  1. Navigate to clients
  2. Open the client's profile that you want to view
  3. Scroll down to the Packages Purchased section. Here you can see the package history that displays the date and time that the package was used to cover the appointmentPackage history.jpg
  4. To view the remaining number of item credits in the package, click on the Edit Package button located in the top right corner. In the modal that appears, you will find the package details, including the expiration date and the remaining credits. package left.jpg

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com or (385) 233-6964.    

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