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Setting up Memberships with Packages

We currently offer the ability for you to create memberships for packages directly from your account. There are a few conditions that will have to be met before this is possible:

  1. Add a membership subscription
  2. Reach out to a member of our support team to enable the membership UI so that it will be visible on your end
  3. Set up packages


Adding Membership Subscription

The membership subscription can be added for $49.00/mo per location. Here are the steps to add the subscription to your MyTime Account


  • Select Client Memberships


  • Select the billing cycle, add payment information, and complete purchase.

Once you have added Memberships to your subscription, you will need to email support@mytime.com or call (888)-423-1944 for them to enable the Membership link on the Business Setup tab. 


Steps to create packages can be found here https://help.mytime.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048970112-Setting-up-Packages.


Setting up Memberships

1. Go to Business Setup > Memberships tab 

2. Select the location in the location filter that you want to create the membership for


3. Click on the +Add New Membership link


4. Enter the Membership name


5. Once you have entered the membership name and save, click on the dropdown arrow next to Membership Settings.


6. The Membership screen will expand for you to fill out the details for your membership:


  • Membership Name: This is what the membership will be called throughout your software - in POS, client profile, and reports.
  • Description: Any details you want to add about the membership.
  • Price: This is the amount the client will pay for the membership.
  • Period Size: This refers to the length of the membership. 
  • Period Type: 
  • Payment Type: Indicates whether the client will be charged monthly or just do an upfront payment.
  • Payment Cycle: This is where you decide if payment will be due on a specific day of the month or it is based on the purchased date.
  • Registration Fee Amount: This is a one-time fee that is charged when the membership is purchased.
  • Pause Fee Amount: Fee that is charged when a client pauses their membership.
  • Cancellation Fee Amount: Fee that is charged when a client cancels their membership.
  • Auto-Renew:  If this box is checked, the membership will renew automatically after the initial period has ended.
  • Rollover Unused Benefits: If this box is checked, when the membership is renewed unused benefits will rollover. So if the initial membership had 6 services and the client only used 4 of the services. The 2 remaining service credit will be rolled over when the membership is renewed. The client will end up with 8 service credits in the membership.
  • Membership Items: This refers to the packages that will be included in the membership.
    • To add the membership items click on the + Add Items in Membership link
    • Select the package you want to add to the membership in the second dropdown menu and save





The membership you created will then be shown under the Products tab in POS.



Please note that if you want to set up regular memberships with discounts, dollar credits etc,  you will need to reach out to the support team to configure the membership. Please follow the steps outlined here https://help.mytime.com/hc/en-us/articles/360036463511-Membership-Subscription-Add-On.


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