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Membership Configuration

The membership configuration possibilities range from credits for products, services, and classes to value credits that can be spent at your business to discounts on specified items.  For franchise businesses, the memberships can be created at the global (parent) level or the franchisee (child) level. In this article, we will look at the process of setting up your memberships.

Things to know:

  • In order to be able to sell memberships, you must have a membership subscription. For franchise businesses, please contact your account manager or support@mytime.com.
  • Access to the membership configuration page is restricted and necessitates enabling the "Access Memberships" permission for staff members to configure memberships. This setting can be located by navigating to Staff & Availability > Access Controls Settings > choosing the Business Setup option > Memberships.
  • Memberships can be established following these guidelines:

    • Membership Item Credit: Members receive a specific number of services, classes, or products for free each month, with the option to roll over unused credits.

    • Membership Value Credit: Members are allocated a certain amount to spend each month, and any unused value can roll over.

    • Discounts: Members enjoy percentage or dollar discounts on services, products, and classes as part of their membership benefits.

  • Membership prices can differ by location or location group
  • Clients can receive credits monthly or upfront
  • Membership discounts: staff commission can be calculated on the pre-discount or post-discount value 
  • Membership item credit: staff commission can be calculated on the internal price set or the regular retail price. 
  • Memberships can be at the pet/family member level or the client level. 
  • Once the membership configuration is saved, you cannot edit the contract period or the billing frequency
  • Membership is considered “used/ redeemed” after the ticket is closed OR after the appointment/class session has been completed OR after the appointment or class session time has passed, whichever comes first.
  • If a membership is deleted, you cannot create a new membership using the same name as the deleted membership.  

Setting up Memberships

Once you have added a membership subscription, you are now ready to configure your membership program. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Business Setup > Memberships tab
  2. Select the location where you want the membership to be sold in the location filter
  3. Click on the +Add New Membership link
  4. Enter the Membership name                                       
  5. Once you have entered the membership name and saved it, you will be given the option to do the following:

Configure Membership's General Settings

On this page, you will be able to add general details about the membership.

  • Membership Name: This is what the membership will be called throughout the software - in POS, client profile, and reports.
  • Description: Any details you want to add about the membership. 
  • Contract Period: Indicates whether the membership is indefinite (no expiration date) or it is just for a certain term/period. If a term is selected then you will be able to enter the duration of the membership whether it will be X days, weeks, months, or years. If 12 months is selected, membership credits will be generated and added to the account each month for 12 months. If 1 year is selected, membership credits will be generated and added to the account once per year.
  • Billing Frequency: This is the frequency the membership fee will be charged to the client's credit card on file.
    • Select upfront payment to charge clients one time for the entire membership period
    • Select monthly payments to charge the membership fees as monthly payments during the membership period 
  • Billing Cycle: This is where you decide if payment will be due on a specific day of the month or if it is based on the purchased date. 
  • Receive Credits - How often should clients receive credits
    • Monthly - Membership credits will be generated and added to the account each month after a successful membership charge
    • Upfront - Membership credits will be generated only once when the membership is purchased
  • Apply discounts only to locations where membership can be purchased: This setting is ON by default, but you can disable it at any time. 
    • When enabled, the discount will only be applied to locations where the membership can be purchased.
    • When disabled, it will allow the discount to be applied at ANY location selected on the discounts tab.
  • Auto-Renew:  If this box is checked, the membership will renew automatically after the initial period has ended.
  • Enable Online Purchase - Set whether the membership can be purchased through the booking or membership purchase widget.
  • Registration Fee Amount: This is a one-time fee that is charged when the membership is purchased.
  • Pause Fee Amount: This is a fee that is charged when a client pauses / freezes their membership.
  • Cancellation Fee Amount: This is a fee that is charged when a client cancels their membership.
  • Rollover Unused Benefits: This determines if unused membership value credits and item credits are rolled over to the next membership period or if they're lost forever.
  • Upgrade Membership After Expiry To: This allows you to specify that when an existing membership expires, the client will automatically be upgraded to a different membership, typically one with additional benefits.

Once you have completed all the necessary fields, you can select the Price tab.

Configure Membership Price

On the Membership Price page, you will be able to set the amount the client will pay for the membership. If you have multiple locations, you can set the membership price per location or location group. 

Things to know:

  • Location groups can be found on the membership price page in the location dropdown
  • Global membership prices are only editable from the parent level
  • When saving a membership at the location group level, it will override the prices at all of the location group’s locations
  • When saving a membership at the location level, it will only affect the price at that location
  • When a location is added to a location group, it will inherit the location group’s membership pricing

To get started: 

  1. Click on the Membership Price tab and then click the +Add Membership Price link
  2. Enter the price and then select the location where the price should be applicable. To add multiple prices, you can select the +Add Membership Price link again to add the price for another location or location group
  3. Once you are satisfied with the pricing option for each location, you can go ahead and select the Discount tab

Membership Discounts

The next step is to add membership discounts. This can be done on the Discounts page however, it is not a required step to take, your membership can be created without discounts.

  1. On the Discounts tab select the +Add Discount link
  2. Here you can set up membership $ and % discounts that can be applied to services, products, and classes. As well as determine if staff commission should be calculated on the pre or post-discounted value: 
    • Discount Name: The name that will be displayed in POS whenever this discount is applied.
      • If no discount name is configured, the discount will be displayed as "Membership Discount - x% or x$ Off."
      • If a discount name is configured, it will be displayed as "Membership Discount - [Discount Name]."
    • Qualified Items - Choose whether the discount is applicable to services only, classes only, products only, or a mixture. You can also select the service variation, class variation, or SKU.
    • Location - Select whether the discount should apply to all locations or a specific location.
    • Discount Value - The discount can be a flat dollar value ($) or a percentage (%).
    • Calculate Staff Commissions - Determine if staff commissions should be calculated on the pre-discount or post-discount value. This will override the general company setting 'Calculate service/product commission post discount' on the Settings page.
  3. You can also add multiple discounts for each membership and you can do this by clicking the +Add Discount link

Once you are satisfied with your changes, click on the Credits tab.

Membership Credits

Membership credits can be configured on the Membership Credits page. You can set value credits and/or item credits for your memberships.

  1. On the membership credits page, click the +Add Value Credits or the +Add Item Credits link
  2. To set a value credit, simply select the item types the value credits should be applied to and enter the amount in the Amount field:
    • Value credits can be applied to product purchases and appointments in POS before or after sales tax. Learn more here
    • If the value credit applies to products only, membership value credit will only show up if a product is on the ticket. It will say Product Credit on the payment screen in POS.
    • If the value credit applies to services only, membership value credit will only show up if an appt is on the ticket. It will say Service Credit on the payment screen in POS.
    • If the value credit applies to both services and products, membership value credit will show up if an appointment OR product is on the ticket. It will say Service and Product Credit on the payment screen in POS. 
  3. To add item credits, select the applicable item type, the category for these item types, and the individual items. Then, specify the quantity of item credits that this membership will provide: 
    • Item credits refer to items a member can receive as part of their membership and they can get X amount of services/classes/products for free each month
  4. You can set a price for staff commissions by setting a price for each item, location, or staff. We will use the price set to base the percentage of staff commissions. If no price is set, we will use the regular retail price to calculate staff commissions. This means for services in membership, we will use the price set on the service menu and for products, in membership, we will use the price set in inventory.
    • To set the price for staff commissions, select the 'Set price for Staff commissions' link below item credits. The "Price for Staff Commissions" modal will appear which allows you to select the + Add Commission Price link                                     
      • An additional modal will appear and here you can:
      • Item: Select the item variation based on what was previously selected for the item credit. Eg: if the item credit is set for services only then this item dropdown will only include services 
      • Staff: Select the staff you wish to set this price for 
      • Price: Enter the price that should be used to calculate the commission for items covered by the membership
      • Location: Select the location(s) their price should be applied to
      • Save
  5. Once you are satisfied with your changes, select the Publish Membership button at the bottom of the page. 

You're all set. Now you can start selling memberships!

The membership created can be seen in POS under Memberships and on the Client Profile. 


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