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Setting up Packages

A package is a combination of multiple services, products, and classes.  It can be sold at different prices at different locations in-store or online via the booking widget. 

This feature can only be enabled by a MyTime representative. Once enabled, you can then login and set up your packages.  

1. To set up a package, go to Business Setup > Packages tab https://www.mytime.com/packages

2. Select the location in the location filter that you want to create the package for


3. Click on the +Add New Package link


4. Enter the Package name. 


5. Once you have entered the package name and save, click on the dropdown arrow next to Package Settings.


6. Add as many items as you like to the package. You can add only services, only products, only classes, or a mixture of all three.

To add a service:

  • Click on the + Add Items in Package link 
  • Choose the services option from the first dropdown menu
  • Choose a service category from the second dropdown menu
  • Choose the service variation from the third dropdown menu
  • Add the price
  • Add the quantity


The same steps can be used to add a class or product to the package. 



7. Once you have added all the items you want to be included in the package, add the validity period and save 

Note: Ensure that you check the "Enable Online Booking" box if you want your clients to be able to purchase this package from your booking widget.


The package you created can be seen under the Products tab in POS and on the booking widget.





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