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Start Service Button on Appointment Modal

Once the “Show Appointment Start Button” setting is enabled, when an appointment is booked for the current date the Start Service button will be displayed on the appointment modal. 

Here is how it all works:

Let's say you booked an appointment for a client for today at 7:00 am. The appointment duration is 30 minutes, so it should end at 7:30 am.  17267155-e12e096b1c7779159d79545df375cf0a.png

The client is running very late and unsure of the exact time they will arrive. They end up arriving at 8:12 am when you open the appointment and click on the Start Service button.


The following will take place:

  • The appointment start time will be changed to the current time 8:12 am

  • The appointment end time will be updated to 8:42 am but the duration will remain the same (30 minutes)

  • Updated time will be shown in the audit trail on the appointment modal

  • Updated time will be shown in the Appointment History and Bookings reports 

Audit Trail


Appointment History Report 


Bookings Report








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