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Pre and Post Discount Setting


Commissions for products and services are based on the net or gross revenue. This can be enabled in settings by following these steps:

  • Go to Business Setup > Settings
  • Scroll down to the Staff section
  • There are now 2 settings which are off by default, calculate service commissions post-discount and calculate product commissions post-discount.


When a predefined discount or BOGO is applied to a ticket, you can determine whether the percentage commission your staff members receive from selling products and services is calculated pre-discount (gross revenue) or post-discount (net revenue).  This setting can be configured per discount code so it can vary by promotion. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Marketing > Promotions
  • Select “Create Promotion” button
  • Scroll down to “Calculate Staff Commissions”
  • Expand drop down menu
  • Option is shown to calculate staff commissions pre-discount or post-discount


Note*: The promotion post/pre-discount setting overrides the company setting for all staff compensation setup EXCEPT tiers.  Tiered commissions are always based on the company setting. It ignores the promotion setting.



Company setting is set to:

  • Calculate service commissions post-discount? = YES
  • Calculate product commissions post-discount? = YES

In Promotions, staff commission is set to be calculated on pre-discount (gross revenue)

Discount amount - 5%

Service price = $50

Product price = $30

1) Molly has tiered commission by revenue setup for products and services as:

  • Above  $0   per pay cycle then pay  10  %
  • Above  $50   per pay cycle then pay 20  % 

2)  Terry has straight commission setup as:

  • 10 % of services & products revenue

Ticket for Molly


Ticket for Terry



Let’s look at the compensation report to see how the data is displayed and calculated.

Data for Molly - Revenue and commission is calculated post discount (based on company setting)

  • Service revenue = $47.50 (net revenue) 
  • Service commission - 10 % x $47.50 = $4.75
  • Product revenue = $28.50 (net revenue)
  • Product commission - 10 % x $28.50 = $2.85

Data for Terry - Revenue is shown post-discount (based on company setting) however, commission is calculated pre-discount (based on promotion setting)

  • Service revenue = $47.50 (net revenue) 
  • Service commission - 10 % x $50 = $5
  • Product revenue = $28.50 (net revenue)
  • Product commission - 10 % x $30 = $3



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