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Ingenico Configuration Menus


Please follow these steps to access the configuration menu in the Ingenico devices. 

NOTE* Please do not enter this menu unless you fully understand the ramifications of changing these configurations. All devices come from MyTime pre-configured so there is no reason most customers should adjust these settings. 


  1. From the MyTime Pay screen press 2634.
    1. Note* if there is no response please try pressing 2634 again OR rebooting your pin-pad by holding Yellow Key + # for 3 seconds and trying again once the pin-pad restarts. 
  2. You will then see Press F for Menu
    1. Lane/3000 F Key is below the 7
    2. Move/5000 F key is the circle key above the red X
    3. Link/2500 F key is above the red X
  3. Please see the images below to access the corresponding menus. Use the Green key to advance a menu and the Red key to go back a menu. 










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