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Ingenico iPP Series - Network not Available. Restarting...


  1. Check all connections to the card reader especially the ethernet connection cable (example photo of ethernet cable). Are you able to trace the ethernet cable all the way back to the internet router?
    1. If yes, move to step the next step.
    2. If the ethernet cable is unplugged, plug it back in. If the ethernet cable is physically damaged please replace it. 
  2. Has anybody worked on your internet or any networking devices (security cameras, new internet service provider, network telephones, etc.) in the past 24 hours?
    1. If yes, it is likely they have disconnected the internet connection that runs to your card-reader. You will need to troubleshoot this on your own or consult with the technician who completed your install. 
  3. Does your ethernet cable run into an ethernet switch (example photo of ethernet switch)? If yes, the switch could likely be the source of the problem.
    1. The switch could be bad and may need to be replaced. 
    2. The switch might not be an actual switch. You should NOT repurpose and old router or modem as a network switch. Please only use a dedicated network switch as a network switch. 
  4. Do you have a firewall set up at your business?
    1. If yes please contact support@mytime.com and we can provide you or your network admin the configuration data you need which will allow for the card reader to work with your firewall. 

Ultimately there is an issue with the card reader connecting to the internet and we would advise you to contact your network administrator if the above steps do not resolve the issue. 

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