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Data Grouped by Appointments vs Data Grouped by POS Ticket

Some reports such as Daily Revenue & Staff Productivity reports, group data per POS ticket (the staff member name that is selected in product commission filter) while Compensation reports group data by appointments (staff who performed the service).

This case can be seen when a ticket is closed with multiple staff members. For example, two clients came in for appointments. Each saw a different service provider but decided to checkout both appointments on the same ticket.  See screenshots below:

Ticket #TXRP0TYP

Staff Members - Alrick & Alroy


Compensation Report

Revenue and commission is recorded under each staff member on the ticket.


Daily Revenue Report

When you filter by each staff member, the total revenue is shown for the staff member’s name that is selected in the product commission filter on the ticket. No revenue for the ticket is recorded for the other staff member.


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