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Client Sign-in Options

Clients can create a MyTime account to manage their appointments and purchases online. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. In this article, we will look at the various sign options available with MyTime.  

Things to know:

  1. By default, we match clients and users based on their first names and email addresses. When a client attempts to sign in or sign up on your booking widget using the same email address and first name as the client created in-store, both profiles will be synced.
  2. If they use the same email address but a different first name, a new client profile will be created
  3. If an email address cannot be found, a new MyTime user account will be created

In this article, we will explore the ways clients can sign into MyTime. 

Sign in with email and password

If the client already has a MyTime account, they can log in on the booking widget by clicking the "Sign in" button in the widget's upper right corner and entering their email address and password.                                          widget_sign_in.png

If they do not already have a MyTime account, they can create one on the checkout page after selecting the desired service and time.    



Sign in with Facebook 

Clients can log in using Facebook by clicking "Continue with Facebook".facebook_signin.png   

They will be directed to a sign-in screen for Facebook, where they can enter their Facebook credentials. They must sign in to Facebook and authorize MyTime to access their data. If the Facebook account matches an existing MyTime account, the accounts will be synced.facebook_signin_1.png

Sign in with Apple Sign-on:

To sign in with Apple, they can go to the sign in or create account page and click the "Continue with Apple" button.


They will be taken to the Apple sign-in pop-up page, where they must enter their Apple ID. If the Apple ID info matches an existing MyTime account, the accounts will be synced. ios_signin_1.png

Please Note: Apple does allow an encrypted email address that will never match an existing user account. The encoded email provided by Apple can still receive email notifications as they forward them to the client directly.

For more information contact us at support@mytime.com. 

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