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Report: Appointments


The Appointments report provides you with appointment data for all appointments created in MyTime. Through the report filters, you are able to filter through different appointment statuses such as currently booked appointments, completed appointments, no-shows, and cancelled appointments.

This report can be used to understand different appointment data points, such as appointment time and location, appointment status, booking source, and client information all in one place. 

The report is found by going to 'Dashboard' > 'Appointments'


Report Filters:

 Filter Description

Filter by location the ticket is associated with. Will only be visible if multiple locations exist within the account.


Filter for appointments scheduled for a specific staff member, or all staff.


Select desired day or range. Date refers to the date the appointment is scheduled.

Appointment status

Filter for any appointment status. Only appointments with the selected status will be reported.



Column Description
Date Date scheduled for the appointment.
Location Location of the scheduled appointment
Client Client for the scheduled appointment.
Email Client email is provided if email is on file in client record.
Phone Phone number is provided if number is on file in client record.
Staff Staff member scheduled for appointment.
Service Service name for scheduled appointment
Price Price of service scheduled.
Appointment # Appointment ID for scheduled appointment. By clicking the link, you will expand the appointment.
Ticket # Ticket number for appointment. This will only be available if payment was received and a closed ticket exists.
Source Source of booking for appointment. Allows you to see where your scheduled appointments are being created.

Appointment status for scheduled appointment. It includes all appointment statuses available in MyTime.


Quick tip - Many of the report columns are sortable. By clicking on a sortable column, the order will sort alphabetically or chronologically. Example of time being sorted below (by clicking on 'time').






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