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Report: Service Sales Detail


The Service Sales Detail report shows detailed information for every service on a closed ticket. The report lists all services line by line, so a ticket may appear more than once on the report (if there are multiple services on the ticket).

This report can be used alongside the Compensation reports (more info here) in further service revenue and applied discounts for each service on a ticket. The Compensation report only displays revenue by ticket, not by each service. The total service revenue for staff on the Service Sales Detail report will match total service revenue on the Compensation report, this report just provides a more detailed service revenue breakdown.


Report Filters:

 Filter Description

Filter by location the ticket is associated with. Will only be visible if multiple locations exist within the account.


Filter tickets by selected staff, or all staff. 


Select desired date range. This range will determine the tickets reported, the tickets will be organized by original close date. Services will only be reported if a closed ticket exists.



Column Description

Date the ticket was closed.


Location that is assigned to closed ticket.


Ticket number for associated service. Clickable link will direct to closed ticket.


Appointment ID for scheduled service. Clickable link will direct to appointment.


Client for whom the service was performed. Clickable link will direct to client record.


Staff member who performed specific service on ticket. Clickable link directs to staff profile.


Service category that specific service belongs to.


Service name for specific service.


Revenue for specific service (pre-discount).

Discount Discount that is applied to specific service on ticket.

Prepaid will show you prepaid amounts (from gift cards, membership credits, and package redemptions) applied towards the service.


Any service amounts that are refunded on the ticket.

Sales Tax/Refunded Tax

Sales tax collected or tax refunded for services on ticket.

Staff Commission

Commission earned for specific service. Only applicable if service commission has been set in staff profile.


Profit (for each service) is determined by subtracting discounts and commissions from service revenue.




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