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Lane/3000 Setup


  1. Follow the instructions in the video above OR the visual aid below to connect your reader to your network. 
  2. Once it has been connected to your network and is powered on, you will need to verify the HOST IP address is correct. To do this watch the video OR follow the steps below:
    1. Video: https://youtu.be/a3_8_iWgvzs
    2. Steps: Press 2,6,3,4 key sequence and the reader will ask to ‘Press F for menu’. Press F.
    3. Select TDA -> Configuration -> Communication -> Ethernet Settings -> Host IP Address ->
    4. Enter (use the # key to input the period “.” character). If this IP address is already entered you can press the red X until you return to the home screen then skip to step 3 below. 
    5. Press the circle green key to save. You will return to the previous screen. 
    6. Press the red X button until the terminal asks “Save and Reboot?“ -> Select Yes
  3. Once connected and the reader has booted up you will see the MyTimePay screen (as seen below). If you don't see a MyTime Pay screen and instead you see "This Lane Closed", you will need to register your reader first. Follow the steps here to register your reader then return to this article after registration. 
  4. Click here to see how to run a $00.01 test transaction and confirm your reader is functioning properly. 
  5. If you ordered a payment mount, see our article here on how to set that up! 

**TIP - If you ever need to force reboot your terminal, hold the yellow key + # for 3 seconds**



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