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The Benefits For Memberships That Are On 'Auto-Renew' and Never Expire Are Valid For Next 6 Months

Changes were made to extend the validity of benefits to 6 months for the memberships which are paid monthly and never expire.

This change addresses 2 issues:

  • When a membership charge is skipped, the benefits will be valid for up to 6 months

  • When a client advance books a service on the booking widget, the benefits will be valid for 6 months in advance.

This pertains to merchants who have Memberships that are month-to-month, but set to auto-renew. If the Membership is not canceled, we assume the auto-renewal will take place for up to 6 months, so that if someone books online a few months out, they're able to use the benefits/credits they already have. To be clear, clients can't use credits they haven't earned yet.

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