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Creating Virtual Classes and Events

MyTime now has the option for merchants to create Virtual Events. Any class/event that is created can be set to “virtual” so that participants can join from the comforts of home or office. When a class/event is set to virtual, the merchant will need to provide a virtual event URL (ie google meet, or zoom link, etc) for the client to “join” the class/event.

Once a virtual URL is created, a redirected link will be shown in the "Booked" email for classes/events. This redirect link will start working 15 minutes before the event starts. Until that time, it will show the client a message to try later. If they cancel, they will instead see a message informing them they have canceled their class/event. Otherwise, they get redirected to the event URL. To add the URL to the class/event, you will need to select, “Virtual” from the drop-down menu in the Event Location box located on the Appointment Module as seen below:


Once you select the Event Location as Virtual, a box will appear for you to add the Event URL to, as seen below:


When a client books a Class/Event Online, this is how the Virtual Class/Event will appear:


When you look at the Class/Event Roster, you will see the Event URL listed as the Event Location:


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