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New Vs. Existing Client Appointment Logic

Below is the logic MyTime uses when distinguishing New Clients vs. Existing Clients:

  1.  The "New Client" label on appointments in the Scheduler is based on whether that was the first appointment booked. If a second appointment is booked, and the first appointment is never completed, but also not canceled, then the system will not show "New Client" on the second appointment.  

  2. When the system checks whether applying a promotion is allowed, if it's for new clients only, the "check" is whether there is any appointment that ended in the past that is not deleted/canceled/no-show. We completely ignore the status otherwise, as well as the setting for whether appointments are auto-completed. 

  3. New Client vs. Existing Client price when booking a new appointment is also based on the logic in #2.

  4. Classes also factor into the "check" for promo codes. The logic MyTime uses is: if the client had attended a class/event where the end time of the event is in the past, and it wasn't canceled, then they are not considered a new customer.


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