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Environmental Fees

An environmental fee is a flat fee that is charged to recover costs for sending used items (foils, bottles, etc) to recycling. The fee can be set by service.

Some points to note about this feature: 

  • Different locations may have different environmental fees. 
  • Environmental fees are automatically applied to tickets with qualifying services on POS as well as online bookings.
  • A maximum of one environmental fee can be applied per appointment. If there are multiple applicable environmental fees to an appointment, the highest fee is picked for services in the appointment.
  • Environmental fees CAN be removed (not edited) from an appointment. Once removed, it will not be added back automatically, even if other services are added to the appointment. The only way to have it re-apply would be to remove the appointment from the ticket and add it back.
  • Environmental fees are taxable and need to be configured in the tax configuration page.
  • Environmental fees are refundable

To set up an Environmental Fee for your business, you will sign into your account and go to Business Setup > Services

1. At the bottom of your page select the Set Environmental Fees button


2. Select the + Add Environmental Fee link


3. Complete all the details


4. Once you have created your fee, select Save


 Environmental fees will then be added to the client’s ticket at checkout in POS and the booking widget.



Booking Widget


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