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Add Book Now Button to Facebook

Businesses are now using many forms of social media to help pull in additional customers based on mutual acquaintances and likes. MyTime offers seamless online bookings & payments right from your business’s Facebook page. When a client books, their information is automatically pulled from their Facebook account and entered into the MyTime platform. There is no need for separate logins or duplicate accounts.

Here are the steps to add the Book Now button to your Facebook page:

1. Log in as an admin to your business Facebook account.


2. Click on Business App Store to see the MyTime App.


3. Select the Connect button


4. A modal will appear requesting permission for MyTime to manage your business connection to Facebook. Select "Continue".


5. You will then be prompted to sign in to your MyTime account and then select which one of the accounts you want MyTime to be linked to.




6. Next, confirm your settings, then select "Continue".


7. Confirm linking.


8. Once linking is confirmed, select "Done".


The Book Now button will now appear on your Facebook page as seen in the screenshot below.


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