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Add Book Now Button to Facebook

Businesses are now using many forms of social media to help pull in additional customers based on mutual acquaintances and likes. Adding a Book Now button to your Facebook business page can be a big step in encouraging these customers to take the next step and actually book an appointment. 


By eliminating the additional steps for the customer to pursue to actually make that appointment, you have a higher likelihood of the customer going through with the booking.


To add the booking button to your Facebook business page You will first want to click on: Add A Button



You will select the Book Now button type that your customers will see. 



Next, you will want to select Connect Another Tool. This will create a connection to an external site that has synced with Facebook.


You will choose MyTime from the list and click Continue


You will be taken to a page to enter your login credentials to sync the two systems. Once that has been completed, your Book Now button will appear on your business page. 



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