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Parent Account - Enabling Login As for Corporate Staff

Maintaining a number of accounts from a parent account can be a large job. This could mean that you need to have additional staff added as users on your Parent Account. 

There are two ways to set up the login capabilities of your "corporate" staff. The first is the default version. This does not allow the staff member to log into the child accounts. The second will allow your corporate staff to log in as the Owner of the child account or as an Admin.

  • Login As: This will have all the access controls of the local owner. 
  • Admin: This will have the overriding access to update things the owner is barred from. 

 If your staff does need access to Login As you can grant that access through Business Setup > Staff. You will then open the staff's profile by clicking on their tile



Once their Profile is open, you will need to select the checkbox: Allow login as owner. Be sure to Save at the bottom of their page. mceclip2.png

After that is enabled they will be able to go to Location Management and Login As.




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