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Creating Service Pricing by Title and/or Staff Member

In order to create service and pricing by title, staff member or both make sure to select these options in the Staff section in your settings. Go to: 

  1. Business Setup 
  2. Settings 
  3. Staff

Under the question "Do prices vary by staff member?" make sure to select "Prices vary by staff member, but not by title" if you would like to set the pricing adjusted by staff members only

Select the option "Prices vary by title and/or staff members" if you would like to set pricing per staff member and title per location, and title per location group.


**Please Note: We strongly recommend making any major changes like this after hours, as changing the type of pricing will wipe out the existing information.**


If you have selected the prices to be set by the title, make sure the staff profiles have their titles assigned before you start adding the prices in the Service tab. Seth.png

Once the particular setting is selected and the staff profiles have their titles assigned, you may start adding the prices by titles on the Services page. 

1- On the Service page, click on "edit" in the service you would like to adjust the price by title. Service.png


2- On the next page under "qualified staff" click on "edit" (if there are no staff members selected, make sure to assign a staff to the service).  edit.png

3- Select the title(s) you would like to add the price to and make sure the staff members are also selected. Enter the desired price and save changes. select.png

In order to create pricing by staff member go to: 

1-Staff & Availability and click on the staff member's profile. 

2- Go to the Services section and click on "edit price" on the particular service you need to enter the price. 


3-Add the prices and make sure to save the changes. 






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