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Membership Details On Client Record

Merchants can view the details of a client’s membership on their client record. The capability of making changes/edits is also available via the membership section of the client’s record. Memberships will typically either have service credits or service dollar amounts that are applied toward services under the client’s selected membership. All membership service credits are grouped together as a link that can be selected to view details of individual service credits remaining per service. To view this detailed membership information, go to the client’s record and scroll until you see the Membership section of the record. You will then select the desired membership and the blue credit link (in the example below, you would select the 35 Credits). Once you select the credits, a pop-up box will appear and display the remaining service credit balance per service.



The merchant also has the capability of making edits to Memberships via the Membership section of the client record. Please review the screenshots below to see the many edits/changes that are now possible. This will give our merchants more control over Memberships and allow them to make special allowances and/or changes on the client level.




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