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Custom Membership Charge Date

You can set a custom charge date for client memberships at any time. The custom charge date will update the next charge date. The regular billing cycle will resume after the charge. 

To set a membership charge date:

  1. Open the client's profile that you want to view
  2. Scroll down to the Memberships section  
  3. Expand the arrow on the right next to the membership status
  4. Select the Edit Membership button 17354839-e854bb9ed87433bac628f9f912637f7a.png
  5. Select the Set Custom Charge Date link  17354911-267d8179acb0ee75bcce45e9541a9e6a.png
  6. Add the desired date                            17354960-e64edc45a952dcec58b88d3087871f0c.png
  7. Save



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