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Employees Taking Paid Breaks

There are some states with laws that require staff members to clock-in and clock-out for breaks, however, the breaks must be paid. MyTime allows you to add different hourly payment types for your staff which allows them to clock-in for different functions, such as productive time, breaks, training, and so on. You can even set different hourly rates for the variety of functions if you choose. To start, you scroll to the bottom of the Staff & Availability page and click the button that says Hourly Payment Types. Here you can enter any different types of hours that you would like to track, such as productive and breaks. Remember to click Save on each line before you click the Close button at the bottom. Below is an example for you to review: 


Once you have added the hourly payment types, your staff will have the option to clock-in with these new options. One important thing to note, productive time is for your service providers. Support staff will not see the options that are checked as Productive Time. Now, instead of clocking out for breaks, staff can clock-in to the break and then clock back in to service time when they return.


Their clocked hours for the day can be edited per hourly rate type and some of the reports are updated with the hourly payment types, such as the employee Time Tracking report. You can even filter the Time Tracking report by hourly payment type to see how much time was clocked for each type for better time-management.



Finally, we do allow you to set different hourly compensation rates for each hourly rate type in your staff profiles. As such, each hourly payment type that you create will create a matching column in the compensation report. This allows us to show you the compensation for the different hours clocked by the staff.


Merchants can also create forced meal breaks for their staff members. In order to enable this setting, go to Business Setup > Business Profile > Locations > Edit > A pop-up box will appear, scroll to the, "Require Staff Member To Take Meal Break? > Configure the setting to fit your business and select Save Location Info. 


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