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Report: Business Snapshot



The Business Snapshot report compiles data from multiple reports into a single, downloadable PDF. 
The report allows you to automatically capture periodic point-in-time summaries, across various types of data. This report is useful in quickly understanding the overall company performance across different metrics.

To access this report go to Dashboard > Reports > Company> Business Snapshot or click here.

You have the ability to filter the report by location (if multiple locations exist), staff, dates, and by closed ticket date or service date.

When running the report based on closed ticket dates, only services and product sales with a closed ticket will be reported (on the date the ticket was closed). When ran based on service date, any services and their appointment values will appear on the report, regardless of ticket status. We recommend running based on closed ticket dates if you collect and record payments through MyTime.

After setting the desired filters, the report will generate and download via PDF.


Report Filters:

Filter Description

Ability to filter the report by locations (if multiple locations exist). You can apply for one location, multiple locations, or location groups.

Note: If multiple locations are selected, the data tables are totals for all locations combined. Typically, we'd recommend filtering by one location at a time.


Filter by selected staff, or all staff. 

Note: The register table on the report will show data for all staff transactions, even if one staff member selected.


Select desired date range. This range will determine the tickets reported.

Note: When filtering for more than one day, the register table will not be displayed.

Service Date or Ticket Close Date

You can choose to filter between ticket close date or service date. When running by service date, any appointment on the schedule will be reported. When running the report based off of closed ticket date, only services or product sales with a closed ticket will be reported (on the date the ticket was closed).

We typically recommend running based on ticket close date if transactions and product sales are recorded through POS. If MyTime is used to only record appointments, and POS is not used, then running by service date is required.

Note: When running based on service date, many tables are not available (such as revenue summary, registers, and product revenue). Only service revenue and applicable tables are reported.


Report Tables:

Table Description
Revenue Summary

Compilation of revenue types and totals from closed tickets. Matches the Daily Revenue report.

Note: Not available with 'service date filter.'

Collections Adjustments

Totals of amounts collected from closed tickets for the selected date range. The 'Total Collected' amount should match the Daily Payments report for the same date range.

Note: Not available with 'service date filter.'

Payments Received

 Payment types and totals received from all closed tickets. This report will match the Daily Payments report for the same time period.


The register table shows the cash payments/adjustments made at the register for a given day (assuming the register was opened and closed at end of day). The cash totals on this table will match the Register (Closeout) report for a specified day. More information on the Register report here

Note: The table is not available when the report is ran for more than one day. The table also not available when ran with the 'service date filter.' 

 Service Revenue

Service revenue is broken down by different services. Service commissions set for staff are displayed. The information is collected from the Service Sales Detail report.

 Product Revenue

Product revenue from closed tickets. Product commissions set for staff are displayed. The information is collected from the Product Sales Detail report.

Note: Not available with 'service date filter.'

Booking Source Totals for each appointment booking source. Similar information can also be found on the Appointment report.
Appointment Schedule

Key production metrics are displayed. The information is compiled from multiple reports.

Client Type Totals from new or existing clients on the schedule. A client is existing after the first completed appointment. Information is collected from the Client Type report.
Appointment Status Appointment status totals for appointments on schedule. Information is pulled from the Appointment report.
Staff Metrics

Key staff metrics pulled from closed ticket data.

Service & product revenue totals are dependent on the pre/post discount setting. Product sales will not show when 'in-house staff' is selected for product commission on a ticket.

Staff Compensation

This table shows commissions generated per staff member, along with tips received. This section maps to the Daily Compensation report and displays all commission structures including tiered commissions, for the date range selected.









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